Welcome to Willowdale, your life of farming and adventure starts here!

The once thriving town of Willowdale is in ruins! The mayor’s business minded daughter Penny has seized the opportunity to transport this once pleasant place into a high-flying modern tourist destination. She doesn’t really like animals and thinks keeping livestock is dirty especially when you can import all these products easily from a nearby town. With humans and nature so out of balance… some of the animals felt abandoned and have already left. Is it too late to stop the changes set in motion by her?

Your uncle, mayor Moneybags calls for your help. Return to your family’s farm to help restore harmony between the people and nature! It is time to light the way for the lost people of the town by reigniting their passion and helping them appreciate the beauty of Willowdale!


Back to Nature, Back to Basics

Perfect your green thumb as you work through the day to restore your farm to its former glory! From harvesting the fresh produce, to tending to your livestock, and upgrading your skills; there’s so much to do on this stretch of land you now call home. 


Are you ready to Explore?

Put on your explorer’s hat and get your binoculars ready because there’s so much to see beyond the town itself! Follow the paths outside town into the Flower Fields, Death Desert, Forgotten Forest, and Mighty Mountain. Just remember to go in prepared for the challenges that lie ahead!


Danger is just around the corner!

Remember to pack your sword and be ready to defend yourself from the wrath of nature. Angry and neglected, enemies lie in wait to unleash their anger upon you! Battle through dungeons full of danger to reach the top… And the monster that awaits your arrival!


An Adventure for you and your Friends!

Whether you’re hard at work on your farm, or battling enemies that threaten the town… You won’t be alone! Invite your friends for a fun local multiplayer experience and form the strongest battle party, worthy of being called Willowdale’s Protectors!


Bring the Spark Back to Willowdale

Willowdale is full of colorful characters just waiting to be inspired and your actions won’t go unnoticed! Help the town and you’ll bring back townsfolk who once lost hope in the town and forge everlasting friendships. Maybe all this town needs is a fresh perspective?


Willowdale has something for Everyone

While you’re in Willowdale, remember to indulge in everything the town has to offer especially with yearly events, or maybe you want to relax and catch a bite to eat while you’re at it? Between fishing by the pond and cooking up a storm at the Wine & Dine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this cute little town!

Discover the many tales from Willowdale and its villagers: Enjoy an overarching story that is completely woven into the game rather than a generic backstory. There’s an actual end goal and multiple endings based on your performance; your actions impact the game.

Adventure is always more fun with friends: Is one of the zones too tough to take on your own? Invite a friend for a local cooperative multiplayer experience!

Friendships matter!:  Engage in optional choice based mini-games that can impact your friendships, so you have the opportunity to nurture friendships with characters you love and make sure you’ve made the right choice!

Go out and explore: The town isn’t the only part of the game now, explore various other locations each with their own challenges, bosses, and environment.  Quests are also designed to explore these zones.

Rebuild the town: Unlock buildings and new residents as you progress through the story and game.


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