Racing Series - P-Line (PL6000)

The PL6000 is designed for comfort and equipped with superior ergonomic features. The industrial strength, extra padded gaming chair provides greater support and durability for your entire frame and head. The Plus Line (PL) is the perfect fit for users desiring more space. Assembled with a wide range of adjustability that enhances gamers’ personal comfort, relax for extended periods during your intense gaming sessions.



Highlight Features

Effortless Assembly

A patent pending “Slide-In” design mechanical structure that requires no more than one person to assemble.



Steel Frame

A sturdy and rigid steel frame support ensures long lasting durability, while keeping the chair secure, stable, and comfortable at all times.



Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam

Our interior foam boasts a density that puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Where High Resiliency foam sits at approximately 2.5lbs per cubic foot, our foam stands up to 4lbs per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.



Heavy Duty Metal Base Frame

The PL6000’s heavy duty base frame is constructed with industrial strength metal to support up to 200 kg / 440 lbs of weight, for long lasting comfort.



Large Soft Glide Casters

The PL6000 comes with 75mm/3” PENTA RS1 casters that are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris, rolling effortlessly on all types of flooring while preventing damage to the surface beneath.



Elegant, Durable Exterior

Made from premium quality PVC leather with stain resistant characteristics, the PL6000 has an extra dense foam padding that adds great support and comfort. The breathable open-cell structure limits heat being trapped.

Penta RS1 65mm/2.5” Caster

Custom racing style caster coated with polyurethane (PU) for soft and smooth gliding on any surface. (color matching chair)

Gas Lift

The PL6000 is fitted with an industrial-  quality Class-4 Gas Lift cylinders for extra durability and ease of use, while keeping your seat maintained at the proper height.



Extra Accessories: Cushions

Additional Memory Foam Neck Support and Lumbar Support cushions are included.




Adjustable Seat Height

The PL6000’s seat and height adjustability ensures correct ergonomic posture and prevents stress to your back. Having good range of adjustability allows you to be at an optimum angle in relation to your desk, this reduces back and neck pains.

Adjustable Backrest

Features independent back angle option.  An angle-adjustable backrest to help you adjust your sitting position throughout the course of your gaming experience (up to 140 degrees).



Adjustable Tilt with Locking System

Our adjustable tilt tension mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the tension by easily turning the knob to match your body weight. This allows you to rock comfortably, without heavy pushing, reducing muscle fatigue. In addition, the Racing Series P-Line can be locked into 4 different tilted positions, truly putting you in a driver’s seat.



Adjustable 4D Armrests

4D customizable armrest provides a natural support of the arms with greater range of width and height adjustments.  Benefits includes better blood flow and eliminates pain and injury to the wrist and arms.



Max Load: 200 kg / 440 lbs

Materials: Steel (frame), High Density Foam, PVC Leather, Aluminum Alloy (base)

Package Dimension: 83 x 72 x 33 cm / 33 x 28 x 13 in




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