All machine controls at your fingertips with the SimTask FarmStick, the new benchmark controller for simulation games based on farming, construction and other heavy machinery.

• 3-axis joystick inspired by Thrustmaster’s expertise in the field of aeronautical simulation, for operating heavy machinery
• Up to 33 action buttons offering extensive control of all types of farm machinery, with a multifunction front panel featuring buttons, a thumbwheel, a mini-stick and rocker switches 
• Plug & Play in Farming Simulator, with additional features accessible via the Combo button

Enjoy unrivalled control of heavy-duty vehicles with the first joystick designed for operating farm machinery, featuring up to 33 unique action buttons!

Multifunction handle providing one-handed access to essential features:

  • Three steering axes and a dedicated design for controlling heavy-duty and farm machinery, and an ergonomic shape
    allowing for long-lasting, comfortable gaming sessions.
  • Ambidextrous handle, offering right- and left-handed modes and the option of using two joysticks simultaneously, e.g. for controlling forestry machinery.

Multifunction control interface including:

  • 1 thumbwheel: control of regulator setpoint
  • 1 mini-stick: view management
  • 7 buttons: equipment controls
  • 2 rocker switches: hydraulic controls

Interchangeable driving/working modes

  • Pressing the trigger changes the handle’s mode, giving access to 6 additional thumb-controlled actions!


  • A device designed for desktop use – ideally, combined with the T128 or T248 racing wheels and a SimTask Steering Kit, delivering a comprehensive ecosystem optimized for Farming Simulator.
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