New T GT “ both the wheel and pedal set feature a new design and new capabilities, for ultimate performance in racing competitions
Next level reliability and sturdiness the product was designed based on invaluable eSports experience gained from involvement in the prestigious GT World Series
Design inspired by the automotive industry new components and fuses adapted from real world car racing

Key Features

The groundbreaking T Turbo Power T LIN T 40 VE TM C E and T DFB technologies pioneered by the product’s predecessor and exclusive to GT Sport are included in T GT II as well, allowing drivers to keep on enjoying the unique sensations provided by these features

Next generation “Brushless II” motor even faster motor performance, allowing you to more effectively take on the most extreme parts of races (race track edges, turns, etc)

Onboard drift curve calculation for a level of responsiveness that stays the same, no matter what racing game you’re playing

Real time Force Feedback, without any dead zones, for unrivaled efficiency in racing competitions

Release date Out now
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