T-248 PS5/PS4

Premium, modern design: wheel with leather-wrapped, foam-filled rim and attractive central panel

T-HD (Thrustmaster Hybrid Drive) next-generation hybrid Force Feedback system

T-RDD (Thrustmaster Race Dashboard Display) screen for control of all aspects of the race

T-MP magnetic paddle shifters for ultimate precision and clear activation feel

T3PM magnetic pedal set with adjustable braking pressure force

Premium, modern, versatile design:

Interface with premium finish, perfect for all racing simulation styles

Leather-wrapped, foam-filled rim for comfortable handling throughout long gaming sessions

4 customizable encoders putting a wide range of controls right at your fingertips

25 contemporary-style action buttons

T-HD (Thrustmaster Hybrid Drive) hybrid Force Feedback system:

Hybrid mechanism: belt/gear drive system with optical reading of the wheel's position for powerful, smooth and flexible performance

48 W of constant power: no decrease of Force Feedback with continuous use1, and median power between that provided by the Thrustmaster T150 and T300 racing wheels2

Adjustable Force Feedback: change Force Feedback mapping on the fly, with 3 available presets (FFB 1, FFB 2, FFB 3) for enhanced torque!

T-RDD (Thrustmaster Race Dashboard Display) multifunctional screen:

Control center offering a variety of different displays (speed, RPM, session time, LED display, etc.)3 and allowing for advanced configuration of the 3 Force Feedback modes via the encoders

T-MP (Thrustmaster Magnetic Paddles):

2 magnetic paddle shifters combining ultra-precise positioning measurement via H.E.A.R.T technology with super-clear “spring-style” activation feel — highly requested by members of Thrustmaster’s racing community

T3PM pedal set included:

Features H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensors without any potentiometers or friction — for precision that won’t decrease over time, and an unlimited lifespan

Adjustable pressure force with the included set of brake springs — 4 different configurations available, for use with a desk/table, cockpit or Wheel Stand Pro unit (not included)

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