Race wherever!

With the PIRANHA MOD.R.S.Lite (Modular Racing Stand Lite) you can experience the joy of sim racing wherever you like. With its modular user-friendly design consisting of screw-in knobs and sliding plates, the MOD.R.S.Lite fits easily most people and can be neatly packed and folded together when not in use anymore.

Major eco-system support is given with the addition of a gear shift holder and a mount for a racing wheel and pedals. Everything’s tilt, placement, and height can be adjusted by loosening hand screws and bolts with the included Allen key. And with its customizable features, you can pack it down together again using the same screws and bolts within minutes.

Race with trust! The built material used is steel, giving it a sturdy frame. Even when the gaming session might become a bit hectic, the Racing stand is sure to stay put.


Compact racing stand:
Easily fold and store when, not in use

Platform support:
Supporting all the major brands with a universal design

Sturdy build:
Made from steel the wheel stand is sure to be unflinching

Release date Out now
More info:
Download all assets