Limelight is a dynamic microphone custom-tuned for voice and speech. With its professional, hypercardioid capsule, Limelight delivers exceptionally clear audio at close range for talk-focused podcasts, broadcasts, and livestreams.

The narrow pickup pattern captures your voice and cuts out unwanted ambient noise, while the built-in pop shield and low-frequency filter remove intrusive plosives and low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised sound. Limelight easily integrates into your setup with a professional industry-standard XLR connection and 360-degree swivel mount. Backed by the vintage-inspired pro audio legacy of Warm Audio, Limelight’s modern design, inside and out, meets the needs of today’s podcasters, broadcasters, and streamers.

Key Features

Custom-tuned for voice and speech: Excels at natural and clear audio for articulate expression. 
Professional dynamic capsule: Delivers smooth, rich broadcast audio at close range—ideal for talk-focused content.
Designed for creators: Perfect for podcasts, broadcasts, streaming, and YouTube
Focused, hypercardioid pattern: Creates a narrow pickup field that captures your voice and cuts out unwanted ambient noise.
No pops. No rumble. Built-in pop shield and low frequency filter cut out intrusive plosives and unwanted low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised sound.
Professional XLR connection: Easily connect to a USB interface or mixer with the industry-standard XLR connector.
Built on legacy: Built on the vintage-inspired pro audio legacy of Warm Audio, Limelight was engineered with modern circuitry to meet the needs of today’s broadcasters and podcasters.
360 degree swivel mount: For perfect placement on a mic stand or boom arm.

Sound Profiles

Limelight shines in the mids, for good reason. Limelight delivers the greatest boost at the 150Hz - 1.2kHz range, highlighting the frequencies that are most aligned with the human voice. Limelight’s strong & detailed midrange sound profile means that the mic sits right at the center of the range of human hearing to deliver detailed and clear audio that’s pleasing for long listening sessions.

Limelight was tuned to accentuate the natural sound of your voice with a smooth “rolling off” at both the bottom and top end. With the human voice ranging from about 125Hz - 8kHz, it’s crucial that lower frequencies (often heard as hums and other disruptive noise) from the far bottom end are rejected and higher, harsher frequencies (often categorized as “brightness”) are similarly reduced at the top end to emphasize the clarity and detail in the mids (aka vocal frequencies).  

What you should hear is an intimate, smooth, and somewhat isolated version of your voice that sounds up front and present, like you’re sitting across the table listening to an old friend.

Oftentimes, people want to hear themselves with big boomy radio broadcast voices, but that can have a muddying effect on the clarity of your voice and message. Other times, people want to hear “brightness”, often confused with clarity. But a bright sound can be fatiguing to a listener. 

Limelight is tuned to marry the natural frequencies of where your voice should sit and where people can effortlessly hear. If you find that your mic is still picking up extra low end, the added low frequency filter should be engaged to further focus the microphone on the upper mids and reject additional bottom end.



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