GSX 300

Level up your game audio!

The GSX 300 external sound card is the first upgrade step for the gamer passionate about the quality of their game audio.

For the gamer with a good quality headset that is seeking to invest in their gaming gear for better performance, without jumping off the top end in complexity and price, the GSX 300 external sound card will deliver the goods.

Used in line between the headset and the PC with, the GSX 300 delivers high resolution audio in stereo and customizable 7.1 surround sound with the PC gaming suite. As most gamers know, high quality game audio which delivers realism and positional accuracy helps with your in-game reactions and performance. Level up your game audio and hence your game performance with the GSX 300 external sound card.

Key benefits & features

High-resolution audio
Easy to install external sound card delivering high resolution audio for acoustic clarity and audio realism

7.1 Surround Sound through PC Gaming Suite PC Gaming Suite with customizable 7.1 surround sound lets you set sound profiles for different games by balancing and focusing frequencies where they are most needed.

Intuitive design
Large manual volume dial for adjustments on the fly, customizable smart button to flip between sound modes or profiles and LED indicator to show which in on.

Synchronized with Windows 10® sound
Automatically synchronizes with Windows® so you can see how loud you are playing

Smart detector for 3.5mm jacks
Works with both single and double jack headsets


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