Our brand new killer combo for a perfect aiming experience: the PRO PACK! Combining all accessories by GAIMX. CURBX enhances the precision of the right stick. THUMBX acts as a friction-improving device for no-sweat handling of the right stick. With the SNIPEX, you always aim right in the middle of the screen while quickscoping. Don’t wait, aim like a pro.

CURBX + THUMBX + SNIPEX = HEADSHOT. Our mission is your victory!

CURBX, which is based on natural rubber, was developed specifically for shooters (FPS games /ego-shooter, 3rd-person-shooter). CURBX leads to higher drag, which increases the precision of the right stick. This enables you to play with the highest sensitivity setting.
Quickscoping on a level never seen before. The SNIPEX, placed right in the center of the screen, will provide you with a degree of precision previously unheard of. The SNIPEX is re-usable, washable, adhesive without being sticky and it’s purpose-built for FPS games and 3rd person shooters. Your enemies will know by headshot!

Stay cool with the THUMBX! Perfect grip and control for the right stick - without breaking a sweat when your enemies put the pressure on. THUMBX, based on natural latex rubber, is the perfect accessory for FPS games and 3rd person shooters.


  • A killer combo – the GAIMX shooter accessories combined in one bundle. 
  • CURBX motion control / a damper for the right stick / available in 5 different strengths  try out and find the one which fits you best
  • SNIPEX quick scope  / a permanent point visor / 4 versions
  • THUMBX thumb guard / for perfect friction control
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