The EXO RGB MAJOR GAMING CHAIR With vivid RGB LED effects will shine bright, and shine a light on your setup.

All of the colors and effects have brightness control to shine bright or dim down, with 5 step speed control you can adjust the speed of the effects. The mode control changes the pattern preset of the EXO RGB MAJOR GAMING CHAIR – with the different effects that will continue to play until changed.

Control the lighting with the LED Controller with presents and defining color settings, with over 200 different patterns, most noteworthy lighting effects include

Rainbow tracer, Tracer’s, Vibrant, Snake, Dart, Steady strobe, Stacks on, Track, Diode, Solid Nova’s. Rainbow Spectrum, Rainbow Shift, Particle, Loading…/,

The Auto lighting function changes the pattern present continuously and will circle through them all, till the end of days.

To make it easy the EXO RGB MAJOR GAMING CHAIR connects to any power source via regular USB, included you will find a 1.3meter USB extension cord, so you can connect directly to your PC, a AC Charger, or a powerbank.

You can place a powerbank in the back pocket of the chair, to hide any cables. To maximize the effect of the chair the powersource needs to provide a power output of 5V/2A – But works with all powerbanks on the market.

Playing with a controller? Take advantage of the metal construction in the armrest units on either side, with soft coated 1D armrest you will experience no pain or fatigue!

High density foam and full PU material on the entire upholstery of the chair back and seat, you will experience a great and firm seating experience. EXO RGB MAJOR GAMING CHAIR is sure to keep up with your gaming gear and be a great addition to your setup.

Feature list:

  • Full RGB Control
  • Included LED Controller
  • Hight adjustable metal armrests
  • Full tilt Support
  • Full recline Support of 135 degrees
  • Butterfly Mechanism
  • Heavy nylon base
  • Class 4 Gas lift
  • Durable for 150kg
  • PU Leather
Release date Out now
Gaming Chair
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