ESWAP Classic Mini-Stick Module

ESWAP Classic Mini-Stick Module: Replacement analog mini-stick module for ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER on PS4/PC

About the product:

Thrustmaster is pleased to offer the Classic Mini-Stick module for ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER for sale individually, for gamers who want to start fresh once they’ve gotten through their original module’s life cycle of more than 2 million activations, or have lost or broken their mini-stick module.

This is the best way to get your ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER into top form, without having to purchase a whole new controller.

This module, which is identical to the one included with the modular ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER, can be positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically, according to the gamer’s preference.

Officially licensed PlayStation 4 product, fully functional with the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER, and compatible with both PS4 and PC (Windows 10).


Key points:

  • Module features T-MOD technology, and is fully compatible with the Hot-Swap function of the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER, allowing you to swap a module with any other — even right in the middle of a game.
  • Ensures a life cycle of more than 2 million activations, for thousands of more hours of exceptional performance.
  • Highly precise, with super-responsive clicks: never worry about your response time in games again.
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