ESWAP Classic D-PAD Module

ESWAP Classic D-PAD Module

  • Increase the lifespan of your ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER: replace your used D-pad (D4X) with a brand-new module, and start fresh again.
  • Hot-Swap technology: quickly and easily change the positioning of your modules — while getting ready to play, or even right in the middle of a game!



Versatility and innovation

  • Modular technology for the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER lets you replace the different modules as often as you like
  • Module can be positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically, according to the gamer’s preference
  • Classic module for the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER, sold individually as a replacement D-pad module: in case anything happens to the original module, you can replace it without having to buy a whole new controller


Industrial-grade components

  • Super-responsive clicks that you can feel mechanically enhance your sense of control: never worry about your response time in games again
  • Durability: the D-pad module can be activated more than 5 million times, ensuring an extra-long lifespan


Free multifunctional PC software included

  • Makes it simple to reprogram buttons and other controls 


Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Compatible with PlayStation®4
  • Compatible with PC: Windows® 10 (PC compatibility not approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
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