Hercules DJ Control Jogvision

The most portable DJ controller with displays in jog wheels
Emulates the feel and displays of CD deck platters


The in-jog displays are unique in this mobile DJ controller category

The jog wheels show 3 key pieces of information which visually guide your gesture for scratching and mixing!

  • During playback: 2 rings = 2 pieces of information.
    • The blue ring’s rotation speed shows the playback speed of the track.
    • The white ring’s display shows the position within the track currently playing.
  • When scratching: the display shows the angular position.

Boost your performance

  • Thanks to the displays, focus on your performance instead of focusing on your computer screen.
  • Locate the target position at your fingertips, much faster than having to look up at the computer screen. Scratch with more precision and more easily!

You’re a scratcher? Get the feel of CD deck platters

  • Both blue displays rotate at 33⅓ RPM.
  • If you can scratch with two DJ CD players, you can scratch with DJControl Jogvision.
  • Whatever your scratching skills, the displays guide your hand’s move.


Audio design customized for club or mobile DJing

  • Built-in high resolution 24-bit /96 kHz audio interface.
  • In addition to the Mix and Headphones outputs, a Booth output with adjustable volume for speakers.
  • Microphone input to talk over + auxiliary input to connect an external audio source. Both are recordable.
  • Powerful Master and Booth outputs: allow you to connect PA systems.
  • DAC Wolfson, 106dB SNR (A-weighted).


The controller for Serato software

  • Includes Serato DJ Intro.
  • Serato DJ Upgrade Ready (Serato DJ is a paid upgrade).


Controls designed for performance

This 2-deck controller combines ergonomics and sturdiness.

  • 2 decks + 1 central mixer, in an ergonomic and mobile shape.
  • Robust construction for durability and transportability.

The powerful jog wheels emulate the feel of CD deck platters

  • 5.9"/15 cm in diameter: similar in size to the platters on DJ CD players, the largest platters in its category.
  • Instant touch detection to scratch with high precision and no latency.
  • Distinctive style: combination of the platters’ aluminum and the display.

2 sets of 4 drum pads - with RGB backlighting and "CUE COLOR MATCH"

  • When pressed, the drum pads do not depress, so they trigger commands (samples or cue points) faster than any other kind of pads.
  • Colored backlighting varies according to the mode: Sample or Cue point.
  • "RGB Cue color Match": In Cue point mode, the color of each pad matches the default color of the Cue point it controls in Serato DJ. A perfect match between hardware and software for an intuitive control.

Air Control: Unleash your creativity and improve your stage appearance thanks to the contactless sensor!

The Air Control converts the distance between your hand and the sensor in modulation of the low-pass filter.

  • Control the low-pass filter without any contact, your hand moves create new sounds: ‘Filter Push’, ‘Filter Cut’, ‘Filter Roll’ (spectacular roller-coaster effect!).
  • The Air Control range of 30 cm/12’’ lets the audience see the DJ’s hand move like a touch of magic!
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